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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 26, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> that is it. see you next week. "media buzz" starts right now. >> on the buzz beater, president obama tells the new yorker that fox news and rush limbaugh are turning him into a caricature. why are they getting under his skin? >> journalists are obsessing over chris christie with virginia's governor being indicted to texas wendy davis call the by a newspaper embellishing her from poverty star. >> a seattle star sends his team to the super bowl and delivers quite the speech to the fox reporter. >> i'm the best in the game.
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don't you ever talk about me. >> he is hit by avalanche of racist taunts. what in the world explains this ugliness? glenn beck says he is sorry if the role he played in dividing the country. what do we make of his admission? >> i think i played a role unfortunately in helping tear the country apart. >> news the media goes into overdrive over justin bieber's arrest for drinking and drag racing. >> let me direct you for a moment with breaking news from miami. right now, in miami, justin bieber has been arrested on a number of charges. >> here we go again. another celebrity trade wreck. this is "media buzz." i am howard kurtz. chris christie, is still a very
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hot topic for the media. how does the coverage compare to that to other gubernatorial types? >> in terms of the politics, this whole argument from christie, true or false, is getting harder to believe. is everyone a liar but him? >> it reminds me of what people on the far right did on benghazi the second after the benghazi attack. it became this rallying cry for the right like the chris christie bridge scandal is for the left. >> what about the democrat governor would got into trouble for saying this. >> if they are extreme conservatives they have no place in the state of new york. that is not who new yorkers are. >> has gotten plenty of coverage on fox but barely mentioned by cnn or "new york times" at all.
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>> cuomo comments about extreme conservatives has no place in his state. >> he used a bad choice of words. you are conservative but i don't think he is suggesting you should lebanon the state. >> another republican governor, grew heavy cover after being indicted if accepting gifts and lavish loans from a businessman seeking favors from the state. >> he was riding high and counted as a potential presidential contender. now, he is just hoping to retire rather than facing a max of 30 years in prison. >> i have to say, what was he thinking in what were they think ing in the "washington post" has been reporting 9 details for months with little exposures. joining us now is fox news contributor who writes the top twitter column for the fox website. and columnist for national review online and columnist for
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"the guardian." what andrew cuomo wasn't a scandal. >> cnn did a segment and msnbc covered it on friday and "new york times" did not did a news story but an opinion piece and the "washington post" know news story and one opinion column. >> not not waited six days and did a story in the metro section that led off saying republicans have finally found a talking point. >> in a perfect world, plans we would like to do something like this, all legitimate stories but the ones involving the republicans get heavy coverage from cnn, particularly msnbc. and certain programs on that network are the dnc mega phone. want to write about mcdonnell or chris christie, go away there
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is a legitimate story. >> in fairness governor cuomo was reserving to a conservative republican candidate but that is now how it played. they agree. >> a headline is, are there conservatives there nest new york city? >> i see that there is disparage between coverage of republican and democrat governor. the two republicans may have broken the law and cuomo just said something offensive so there is a reason for the difference there but i wanted to bring up a democratic governor whose scandal is not getting any coverage, and that is west virginia presiding over the destruction of a state. there are people in west virginia who are afraid to drink their water and it is ongoing story, decades of abuse and it
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has been everseen by a last democrats. i wish there was coverage of this story we only got a blip of coverage when the spill happens. >> i am shocked you are saying a democratic governor should be covered. >> democratic cover should be held accountable they let the coal companies pollute the water, pollute the earth for a long-term, and there are studies that she if you live in a coal-producing county in west virginia, your children are 26 percent more likely to have birth defects. these statistic are not being talked about. >> some of us can be explained as being part of the beltway, they are close and interested and cuomo is in albany too far away to notice but in the case lake this west virginia have is not that far away. >> we have agreed on that. the christie story, legitimate story we have talked about a couple of weeks. it has slowed down. are the media trying to keep it
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alive? >> i defended the coverage saying he is popular, chairman of the republican governors association and running for 2016 but this week there was one subpoena issued and yet credit math -- chris matthews let with chris christie. as we talked about, what else they could cover like west virginia? what are not we looking into other issues? >> even msnbc former bush white house aide said her networks and others are propping up the mayor who made the charges of political pay back involving hurricane sandy aid. >> she has more hits on msnbc then votes running against chris. >> if you are a new jersey mayor you can make up anything and msnbc will put you on there. >> you say "makeup," are you suggesting what they saying is not true in do you think altogether of the allegations against chris christie --.
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>> i have to say, it is being over covered and christie has problems getting the nomination for the g.o.p. presidential nomination but i don't think this is one of them. that should be covered. the problems should be covered but we are two years away, it will be a long nominating process. people who live outside the new york and acela corridor are mystified by the coverage. i live in st. paul and the scandal has broken through. people know about and it they roll their eyes. it is not something every day americans are -- to the extent it was a personal vendetta they find interesting. >> anderson cooper did a good interview when he pressed her why are you coming forward now to the mayor, but will we talk about christie coverage next
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week. you have a former republican governor, bob mcdonnell and his wife getting indicted getting coverage for 36 hours. he and his wife got pretty lavish gifts and substantial listens from a businessman in the state who was seeking state favors. why in the months and months that the "washington post" have been reported the details did it not get attention. >> it is a great story. it is justy. he went with her to new york to expensive department stores and had lavish shopping sprees and she also had a big hand in trying to get an inauguration gown out of him, this is maureen mcdonnell, an e-mail she wrote, i need to talk about the inaugural gown charges, bob is screaming, and this inaugural is
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killing us. i node answers, i need help, i need to get this done. this is the wife of the governor talking to her staff who said the gown she wanted they could not ask the businessman for. >> the only person you answer to is yourself, i thought republicans were supposed to be fiscal conservative. >> better with the state's finae explanation is that mcdonnell is on the dull side compared to chris christie and washed up as a future player. any presidential hopes ended when this started coming out. >> he said i didn't do anything illegal but i am returning the gifts. >> wendy davis is getting a lot of attention, and here is something from the "today" show a couple week before a story in the dallas morning news raised question the about the
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background of wendy davis in texas. >> she grew up poor and the age of 18 was pregnant and married. by 19 she was getting diversed and living in a mobile home park. >> so, now the dallas morning news reporter says there were discrepancies which he admitted to in an interview with the reporter that she did not only live in the trailer park a few months and divorced at 21, not 19 and she went to hard regard law her husband paid for her to go there. wendy davis comes back and attacks the newspaper and says -- false attacks. which part? which was false? you have to point out the discrepancy. i will not give her too much grief about "my opponents have not walked in my shoes," because the opponent was a paraplegic but it is untrue according to the newspaper they had any contact.
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it was good investigative reporting. if you run on your biography you get scrutiny. john kerry can tell you that. every candidate can tell you that. >> if she did nature break any news, the discrepancy about the age...that has been reported previously. the only thing not reported is the anonymous content from a fellow city council member that flagged her. >> legitimate questions raised about how she presented and that has been overtaken by the other media attacks on wendy davis. >> yes and what is nature questioned, she did come from a place that a lot of people who are in her position to be running for governor don't come from. she did come from a poor family. she was a single parent. she did get interest a pretty good school and graduated at the top of her class. you do not get into harvard law
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because you are pretty. >> the bulk is true but credit ins are unloading. >> this is how politics is played. the media can write about your opponents. >> sharp elbows and unfather attacks -- unfair attacks in texas politics? really? >> when we come back, did president obama place the race card in his new yorker interview? bieber's arrest? the end. lovely read susan. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore.
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the "new yorker" interview
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with barack obama went on and on th t predent ming the new yorker interview with president obama went on and on. there was this response there is no doubt some dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. but some may really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt because i am a black president setting off plenty of cable chatter. >> now, wyatt this point would the president use that and seemingly playing the race excuse? >> you do not think there are white people that don't like the president because show black? >> the concerns people have and the reason people don't like president obama is because of his policiesing in to do --. >> hold on. >> he has avoided trying to exploit race. >> is it fair given the double sided nature of the president's response some say he is playing the we race card? >> he said "some folks," we don't know if that means two. is it two percent of the
2:18 pm
population, 20 percent, skit birthday. >> hard to measure. >> there are 317 million people in the country. >> 1.5 million who say they will not vote for a black president. >> the question, when you throw these phrases around --. >> those are people that admit it. >> you use this as an effort to delegitimize the president -- the. >> did you read the paragraph after that talking about we need to separate the criticism of me because people don't lick a strong federal government and separate that from the people who don't like me because i am a bad president. >> it didn't come through in the cable chatter. >> it is 18-page long profile in the paragraph immediately after the one that you read. >> some don't like me, some like me more. >> and in the paragraph after that, he said there is a
2:19 pm
legitimate criticism of me from the right about people who care about state rights and think a strong federal government and progressives should listen to that. >> in the 17,000 words, it wasn't confrontational interview. >> all interest ofs don't have to be confrontational. we made news. we have a segment talking about what he said. on pot, he actually said that pot is not more dangerous than alcohol which is actually something we have never heard the president talk about. >> something else that president obama said in the second round of excerpts released, he told the new yorker the issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the republican base so they feel persuaded i am not a caricature you see on fox oruche rush but limited in solving problems and is pretty practical. >> if i were in his inner circle i would say, knock it off. you sound like a cry-baby, you are giving fox and rush limbaugh
2:20 pm
ammunition against you. >> this is the fifth or six the time he brought up -- look, he may be steamed at what rush limbaugh says. there has been a lot of credit civil on fox but doesn't he have a big mega phone. >> it is unfortunate that only this president has been caricatured, and it has never happened to any other president? going all the way back. >> the media is bifurcated in a way never before such as industries on the left and right with certain messages to get out. presidents in previous administrations have not had the ability to single out a certain network. there are two issues here, i think. the question, should he punch down? no, it looks bad. do people watching fox get a different image of the president than those watching msnbc and do think you can argue those are two different presidency. >> the people watching msnbc get
2:21 pm
get a look at it differently? >> of course. >> he is frustrate asked maybe this plays to the face about fox but it almost says this he is at the mercy of what he sees as his political detractors. >> every president has a changing media environment. msnbc, during bush, was critical. you could say it is heightened or louder, but i don't think it is worlds apart from 2001-2008. >> the way the republican party and fox have worked together has shifted the power structure. again, this is not to say -- there are two questions: is he punching down? does it look bad? yes. does it give ammunition to critics? >> yes. are there two different images being put future. >> yes. >> despite the president's
2:22 pm
feelings about fox, he is giving an interview to bill o'reilly. and "new york times" has hillary clinton shown as a plan el. she does get out of this world coverage. weird. glenn beck says he was too divisive during his type at fox and why he is coming out with that now? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ]
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again beck made some news this week in an interview with megan kelly. beck was perhaps the most ntroxhemater here glenn beck made news in an interview with megyn kelly.
2:26 pm
>> i made a lost mistakes and i wish i could go back and be more uniting in my language. i think i layed a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart. >> we have television and media clinic for the "baltimore sun", and the anchor of glenn beck's organization "the blade." >> is it good that he admitted he helped divide the country. >> i was seduced again by him again. he is an engaging person. i had to go back to the clips to remind myself of the darker glenn beck and admitting he made a mistake, i could have been nicer, i wish i had been nicer, i wish i had appreciated the
2:27 pm
people are more fragile. please, honestly, i don't think it is a good thing. i don't want him back in the mainstream venue like fox. i really don't, where he had a million people each night listening to his craziness. >> why is he saying this now? is he trying to soften his image? >> in fact, he has been having this conversation for quite some time. his viewers and learns and readers, this isn't anything new. i have been hearing him talk about these themes of reconciliation and trying to find common ground. i'm sorry david isn't willing to take his remarks at face value and for the sincerity they were offered. we saw pierce morgue -- morgan saying he applauded him to be willing to be self critical in public when you know a lot of the critics will use it as ammunition and we saw joe
2:28 pm
scarborough applaud him and he has not been a fan but you can see something the rest of us wish that the media was more southwest -- more self critical. >> you and scarborough, morgan, you are all in the game. i'm a critic. you guys are in the television game. he came on, he looked sincere, now well love him and embrace him again. no. i'm a critic from the outside. i'm supposed to write about what television --. i'm a guy on the weekend who accusing the rest invited. of us? >> i work as a critic outside the medium of television writing about media and television. you make your living on television. >> for you to say, morgan liked him, i'm sorry you don't, david, come on.
2:29 pm
>> clearly david is fought a fan of glenn beck and it is not willing to consider the opinions of or his critic whose saw the sincerity of reflection or are you willing to accept that he has been having this conversation for quite some time. this is not a new revelation for his listeners, watchers or people would read his work. >> i am glad he is having it with his employees like you. i don't want him having it on the mainstream media. he was bad for american television. i'm sorry. that doesn't change because he is nice to you the. >> we will get to the broader question in a moment. talk about the conditioning conversation and he said he has not changed and the critics are shocked because they think i am an anti-gay racist nut job. >> that was one of the things that shocked me, that the media was accusing him of things he
2:30 pm
has not said the he has been consistent on gays. he advocated solidarity when it came to rush's discrimination against gay men and women something i have heard him discuss. david, you are suggest that he only talks to his employees? he talks to millions of people each day. >> you are talking about this conversation, that is what i am referring to. don't try and change what i said. >> you are changing what i said. he has been having this conversation with his public for a long-term. it may come as a surprise to you because you don't follow his work, critic that you are. >> actually, i do follow his work. i follow his work. it is dangerous. i'm sorry. >> what bothered me most when he was at fox was the business about calling president obama racist saying he has a deep hatred of white people but
2:31 pm
wasn't he doing a version of what many partisan commentators do where the rewards are to be more outrageous so you get attention? >> he and olbermann who two sides of the same couldn't when they went at each other and he went at jones with language right out of the mccarthy 50's and i am not defending van jones but the way that conversation. i will pay thin who can bring me information --. it was horrible. we cannot forget that stuff that went on in 2010 and 2011 when he left fox. he is a remarkable broadcaster and what people said about him, i said none of those, calling him a nut job. >> amy, if glenn beck has been having this conversation for some time and maybe we just tuning in because of the remark he made to megyn kelly, do you think this is changing his image even by some who were not big
2:32 pm
fans? >> it seems to be changing perceptions of hypocritisms. i would like to get back to the point, do you nature ready when the mainstream media asked the entire money to try to dig up dirt on sarah palin? >> what does this have to do with glenn deck? >> you were accusing glenn beck of asking the audience to participate in digging up information as if this is something new and sensational and the mainstream media does this to figure on the right all the time. >> what term is "mainstream media." who is the mainstream media? you are talking like sarah palin. >> you don't remember the media going to alaska. cnn and fox and msnbc. >> of course, to report the story. >> we had this conversation years ago when it happened and you pointed out this was a witch hunt on the part of the mainstream media. >> have to wrap it up. it seems we could have you guys back every week and keep the
2:33 pm
audience listening. thank you very much. >> television broke away to deal with the breaking news of...justin bieber getting arrested? the fallout over nfl trash talking. this year, i'm trying the protein thing with real protein. [ female announcer ] try a yummy lean cuisi dish. with 13 grams oprotein for 10 ys, you'll feel great. i'm trying this too. maybe this. nope. not trying that. [ femalannouncer ] ditch the diet. go on a try-it with lean cuisin we've crafted our power bowls to help you power your day. [ femalannouncer ] ditch the diet. start with protein-packed egg whites and savory roasted turkey for breakfast. or power up your lunch with antibiotic-free chicken and our flavorful cilantro jalapeno hummus. power bowls from panera bread - power up today.
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>> gregg: police in maryland identify the gunman in the deadly mall shooting yesterday, a 19-year-old killed two people in the mall, in columbia, maryland, before turning the gun on himself. police are trying to find out if he knew either of the victims who worked at the shop. investigators found a bag of homemade explosives and no word on a possible motive. the mall is closed as the investigation continues. >> brutal cold is will coming back. temperatures are expected to plummet across the midwest before moving to the southeast. the national weather service
2:37 pm
says the blast will leave huge section of the country colder than alaska. snow is falling across the midwest and the great lakes. now back to "media buzz" with headlines at . >> you would thing it was the crime of the century, an arrest for drag racing is huge news especially with driving under the influence when it involved a pop star. >> we are waiting on justin bieber to make the first court appearance after the early arrest this morning in miami. >> breaking news. pop star justin bieber has been arrested. >> the breaking news, justin bieber has been arrested. >> cnn called this worthy of a prime time special. >> now, from the usually days of instant fame and milk and
2:38 pm
cookies reputation that went sour, what happened that night? the life of justin bieber. >> what is it about this guy that makes believers of the media? we have columnist in new york and a reporter for the "washington post". gentleman, justin bieber busted is a story, he is world famous but i saw this every ten minute on cable. >> at least. what we are seeing here is the news producers executives are look at the twitter followers of a celebrity to determine how much coverage. justin bieber has 49 million twitter followers, which is 14 million more than the entire population of canada. it is seven million more than the leader of the free world, president obama. we are a celebrity-based culture. in four weeks, the oscars come on and it will be on one
2:39 pm
network, 40 million people will watch this awards show. on tuesday night the president has the state of the union address on 15 networks and you combine the audience of all those networks it will be only 33 million, seven million less than the oscars. celebrity drives rating. >> but just because someone is famous with a lot of twitter follows we have to go nuts? >> there is some cynicism with media theys the resources at this story. >> cynicism? >> you figure the fans will tune in or click on the story but the haters. justin bieber is a polarizing figure and some, not exactly disdisinterested they enjoy hating nebraska and reading something that makes him look stupid and commenting on the story. >> but he had a teen any bopper image and now he is just another rich kid in trouble.
2:40 pm
is that irresistable? >> guest: it is. we imposing the last narrative on the current story. these days, the big trend is to follow the stories of the young stars who are imploding, the death spiral of a career. we are looking at justin bieber and we see lindsay lohan, the child star's first arrest. what happens then. what he has been arrested for, drag racing and d.u.i., it is terrible the pantheon of rock stores it is not like being caught with heroin or driving the car into the swimming pool. >> does he join the tradition of kim kardashian and lindsay lohan? >> we have seen this with miley cyrus in august, we are about to go to war with syria which could be world war three but the next day, coverage out weighed for
2:41 pm
miy 1 2-1 over syria. and that is an example of, yes, this is what people are associated with. you have to go back to o.j. and the chase and the trial and that is when the line between hard news and sensational imwas -- sensationalism was blurred forever. tmz was born, and now cable net words are saying, we can coverage these deadly protests, and syrian peace talks and west virginia chemical spill and 300 ,000 affected in a war but it is not ratings. we have to make a business decision and the decision was to go all justin bieber. >> i know justin bieber said he is retiring but is this media hammering helping his music career? >> could be media be late. the grownup media, forget mainstream media, the grown up media, we are always late if teen idols and making too big a deal about teen idols who are so
2:42 pm
18 months ago. justin bieber is not the guy of four years ago. the concert film did not do well. are we pumping him purpose bigger than he would be? >> you call the grown up media, but it feels increasingly ought less -- adolescent. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
2:43 pm
and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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2:46 pm
in our media fail, bill simmons,ed coe >> and we have gotten a world-class apology for profile ing about a member of the transgender community. she was widely denounced. we never asked anyone knowledgeable enough about the issues to help us improve the piece or to realize we should not run it and that is our mistake and my mistake because it is my site. i apologize. i failed. that is true. and simmons did not duck the respon break, richard sherman fined by the nfl for talking
2:47 pm
trash as the team heads to the super bowl and that has received some nasty trash talk.
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
time now for our digidoad.e setv the seattle seahawks just won a trip to the super bowl in a play by richard sherman who was trash talking with the 49ers. >> when the fox reporter talked to sherman on the side lines he was still hot. >> i'm the best in the game. that is the result you get. don't you of talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> don't you open your mouth about the best.
2:51 pm
>> sherman's rant triggered an explosion on twitter and other social media sites where in people call him the "n" worth and blitzed the star with racist comments. >> i watched the game and what he did was rude and inappropriate in the moment but, man, on twitter he was called stuff i hate to say on the word, jungle monkey, ape, i was stunned at the verbal abuse. >> it is nothing new on twitter. this happens. maybe not to this extent but i remember the c.e.o. of twitter, did an interview with not lawyer -- with a reporter and said i want it a townhall for people and it is not a townhall, it is a cesspool. >> fine to criticize because i have never seen a post-game before like that but to go the way many did, some do not use their real names it was seriously disturbing.
2:52 pm
>> it is, and the ugliness is there but the big question, then, comes from this for people on twit we or facebook and other sites, who see this, who have had this happen, how do you handle a twitter war like that? what did you do? he blogged about it and he apologized for it, and he was fine. >> he was fined. in what was pocket change for him. >> here is what he had to say on the apology and further comments. >> took away from my teammates great game, so i feel regretful about that. it seems like it is the accepted way of calling someone the "n" word and everyone says the "n" word and they say, thug, and that is fine? >> that was an interesting point, at least he did knowledge he took the spotlight away from the teammates. it would be more understandable if they lost but a last people call him a thug and he sees that
2:53 pm
as a colded racial inst. >> sure. unsportsman like conduct will be bashed by people on twitter but it is always about the level how far are we going to go? part of it is because you can be anonymous on twitter. you don't have to give your real name. you don't have to give your address. it is hard to avoid seeing things that are said about you that are untrue. >> what is interesting, i thought the reporter handled this well, and she pressed him with a question but did not get involved with the shouting match. the fox producer say they cut it short because he was so emotional and it was coming to watch but it was dangerous and because it played out. thank you was a second wave that said people supported him for what he did in the game, for his upbringing. he had a very hard scrabble life and he went on to stanford
2:54 pm
university. i would love to hear what people have to say about this on twitter and can you follow me because i like to keep this dialogue going. >> he turned it around and got a favorable piece today in the "new york times" and up ahead, john len -- jay leno on getting the boot. the end. lovely read susan. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. the day building a play set
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. we will see you then. time now for more of king top twes. now your top tweets on president obama and glenn beck, he is the most whining president. >> the comments or dead on from muslim, it is dangerous. >> and another says he is whining, and it is obvious that fox and rub rush do caricature obama as someness nbc can
2:58 pm
capture ambassador as some caricature g.o.p., right? >> jalen know is is -- jay leno is about to give you up "the tonight" show. he was he was blind sided the first time and it felt like being dumped by a gill -- girlfriend. >> you would like to have stayed? >> it is not my decision. if they said, you are fired, we don't know who we are getting, but anyone but you, we just want you out, i would be hurt and offended. >> translation, jimmy is oh case but i'm number one i wanted to do this forever. finally, elizabeth vargas is out of rehab and talked about the
2:59 pm
battle on friday on america. >> you are an alcoholic? >> i am. i am an alcoholic. it took a long-term to admit that i showed up for a 20/20 shoot and i was in no shape to do the interview. i realized, what am i doing? that is when i knew i needed to get help. >> good for her for doing that. it is very difficult to talk about the demons in your closet. it is one thing to talk about cancer on the air people have sympathy for you and hope you are not sick or horribly sick but this is amazing, what a role model for other alcoholics. >> the special brought the highest rating in four years but it must be difficult to talk about the fact that you had to leave work because of your alcohol problem. >> sure, and good for her. >> that is it for "media buzz." you can check out our twitter feed and follow us on
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facebook. we back here next sunday original at 5:00 p.m. eastern bringing you the latest buzz. wa ae >> president obama gives his state of the union address on tuesday hoping to jump start his second term. i want to work with congress whenever and wherever i can but what i am emphasizing to all my members of the cabinet, we will not wait. >> we will excuse the agenda, obamacare and more with white house senior advisor. then, republicans set their sites on retaking the senate this november. they hope to overcome the infighting plaguing the party. >> we don't need more class warfare or interference from washington. >> we will talk about the plan of the g.o.p. for 2014 with the


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